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Our web pages present geomagnetic data recorded by institutions in Norway, Denmark and Finland, geographically ranging from the polar cap to mid-latitude and from Finland to Greenland. This common presentation does not affect the rights of the originating institutions. When the data are used in articles, talks etc a reference or acknowledgement is expected as if the data were provided directly.

The graphical displays are by their nature public. They are meant to meet practical and scientific needs, and hopefully they are found inspiring by an scientifically interested audience. In case the displays are extensively used for commercial or scientific ends, the institutions which created the data will appreciate being contacted.

Digital data from Denmark, Greenland and Norway in ASCII format are available here, but are protected by a password. Requests for password should be directed to DTU Space for Danish/Greenlandic data and to TGO for data from Norwegian magnetometers.

We do not provide access to digital data from the Finnish magnetometers, please contact FMI or SGO.

The Observatory at Tristan da Cunha is a Danish project and data requested should be directed to DTU Space.

The IMAGE data base comprises data from all Norwegian and Finnish magnetometers. They are usually available there with a delay of a few months. DTU Space does not contribute data to IMAGE.

Some of the magnetometer stations are geomagnetic observatories (see list of stations). Data from these are submitted to the World Data Centres of geomagnetism. DTU Space and the Finnish institutions are also members of INTERMAGNET, TGO is not.

Commercial use of the data is welcome. Agreements must be made directly with the relevant institution, please contact DTU Space, FMI, SGO or TGO.

The appearance and content of our open web-pages are subject to alteration without further notice. We accept no liability for loss or damages of any kind resulting from this or from errors or inaccuracies in the data.

July 2010

FMI : Finnish Meteorological Institute
DTU Space : Technical University of Denmark - National Space Institute
SGO : Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulo
TGO : Tromsø Geophysical Observatory, University of Tromsø

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